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Tile Livings’ wide range of collections have been adding to the prestige of Italian-made tiles straight from their birthplace to your beautiful spaces, without having any middleman interference

From hospitality to advice, everything at Tile Living is done with complete sincerity and honesty. Since 1982, Franco and Maria Ceravolo’s team have consistently demonstrated their commitment to creating beautiful tiles with richness, class, quality, and value for money products.

There is a whole research and development team dedicated to making our tiles as eco-friendly as possible. While we do the new-age designs and make sure our buyers get their modern tastes satisfied, we still believe in traditions & heritage and our collection will speak for what we preach. The uniqueness and ambiguity of our tiles are like no other in the entire continent. Creations that are crafted by combining the avant-garde technologies and the craft tradition skills are in complete compliance with the strictest standards on the sustainability of both process and product.

For Tile Living, the quality of every product is at the forefront of every activity. We value the market’s identity and systematically deliver to our partners. With every tile, we try to create something creative and exclusive because it is through the materials’ choice to be placed in the spaces around us which help us carve that lifestyle. In our company’s founders’ eyes, the equation of ecology and economy continues to go hand in hand in the context of the constant prioritisation of quality.

How are we different from others?

Tile Living offers sophisticated and tailor-made solutions to decorate your home and your work environment too. Discover our vivid products and fantastic state of the art collections through our world-class catalogues of floor and wall tiles, decorations and unique pieces.

After many years in the tiling industry, we often ask ourselves: what is it that we specialize in?  The answer is simple, we give attention and service to customers whether it be over the phone or in-store by giving the product advice and design concepts that help to bring their project to reality.

We find it exciting, pleasurable, satisfying and rewarding. Contact Us for more details.

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