To Grey or Not To Grey?

So grey is in.

Really? You had NO idea?

Well I have to say I’m quite surprised.

You can’t look in a restaurant, hair salon, barber shop, dentist, grocery store, butcher, lighting store, homewares store, deli, bakery or bar that’s been renovated in the last 7 years and not see it, in all its worn concrete look glory.

Just as the early noughties we were utterly obsessed with every version of beige you could imagine (do you remember ‘Hogs Bristle’ being the colour of the decade), our obsession with everything grey has almost hit its peak.

That’s not to say that it’s not still going to look fabulous for many years to come, but why not put a little more warmth into our lives

Now, now…nothing crazy. Unless it’s really your ‘thing’, I don’t think fluro magenta is going to be the IT colour for some time, but is there anyone out there who really feels that ‘Greige’ is the best we can do?

We’re seeing burnt umbers, gem greens, worn-down charcoals and deep, velvety indigos. Using these tones as your anchor in your spaces will really set them apart and make them feel truly yours.

Colour is back people!

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