Glass Mosaic Tiles by Bisazza

Glass Mosaic Tiles by Bisazza

Bisazza is probably one of the most authoritative luxury design brands and a world leader in the manufacturing of glass mosaics for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. Tile Living is one of Bisazza’s selected distributors for providing the layering of surface tiles for bathrooms, swimming pools, fountains, indoor and outdoor features.

How Tile Living’s Glass Mosaic Tiles are Different?

“We take great care in knowing our customers wanting to bring a project to reality”.

Tile Living considers tile making an art-form and takes up each project as its first one, by personalising the design experience. Bisazza Glass Mosaic Tiles range from making Swimming pools, Water bodies, Pillars, Elevations, Latest Modular Kitchens and Creating Murals.

Delivering Expertise from the Experts

For over 25 years and running, Bisazza has proved to be the top luxury brand in the sector of design and interior decoration. It values the art and science of craft and incorporates it in every piece they design. Tile Living’s long term and strong bond with the Bisazza Mosaic Tiles is not just because of business extensions, rather a sense of collaborative effort in providing world-class luxury to their buyers.

Your Space, Your Style – Personalisation at Its Best

If you are renovating your home, investing in a new project or dreaming of your next big/ classy/ cute property, let your style portray your space.

Tile Living believes in giving your essence to your home. Home interiors shouldn’t only mean impressing the guests, but resonating with your thoughts and personality too. At Tile Living, we have a collection of tiles that suit your style and balances comfort and luxury..

Make Your Space Exotic Affair with Tile Living

Tile Living can jazz up your dining table, give a super royal feel to your entrances and also make a quirky dressing corner look straight out of a movie set. For incorporating fun ideas for your new project, check out all the different categories that Tile Living has.

We ensure all your house needs are met, from decorative corners to unique galleries, from large gate entries to opulent kitchen and laundry areas. It will take your pool splashes feeling like a tide surf in the Mediterranean. Besides luxurious homes, Tile Living has been doing impressive work in commercial sectors too, be it giving a character to your office or modernising the reception and other interiors.

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