A Fresh Take on Tessellated!

Thinking of tiling a tessellated look for your verandah, foyer, laundry or bathroom designs tiles?

Are you not completely loving the traditional colour schemes, but don’t want to stray too far from your home’s federation style? We may just have the product for you.

Italian Tiles

This range is a full bodied vitrified that never requires sealing or any maintenance. Fresh off the boat from Italy, come into our store today to view the full range and find the right fit for you!

(Not) Keeping up with the Jones’

Do a quick Google search on interior styles and trends and your brain will be instantly flooded quicker than you can say mid-century modern meets minimalism. It seems that along with the speed of technology and information delivery these days, we are getting so bombarded by different styles, trends, ideas and collections that we are sometimes losing our own sense of (style) identity.

Most of us like to think that we are doing something different, something unique, but all we’re really doing is trying to keep up with the Jones’. What can sometimes offer some relief is by switching off – both mentally and technologically – and starting at the basics.

“Who is this space for?”

“What do I need this space to do?”

“What stands out to me personally in terms of the most important parts of it?”

It is wonderful that we can be inspired by so many different mediums including, television, radio, news print, friends, fashion, family, Anna Smith from the PTA, and of course – the beloved Google. But if we really want to be happy with our choices and feel truly at home in our spaces, we need to get the right advice to find a style that reflects us.

So if you have intoxicatingly happy childhood memories that were created amongst the Mexican Rustic style, or in an Art Deco style kitchen, and you want to recreate that space (or perhaps a style you’ve always admired but been afraid to try), don’t be afraid to try something new and be truly unique and luxury tiles!

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