0% Planning = 99%* Failing *with the small exception of the lucky flukes

No one wants to plan.


Let’s face it – we’re all happy to go confer with Pintrest, forums, facebook, twitter, instagram, and your neighbour’s sister-in-law from Manhattan, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it, most of us just want to see what’s in our minds executed with samurai precision in front of our eyes (yours truly included).

And while the fantastic renovation shows filling our tv screens at the moment are wonderful for inspiration, some would suggest they are giving the rest of us unrealistic expectation as to how long a job should take.

So don’t just plan what you want your new bathroom/kitchen/outdoor entertaining area/office/lounge room to look like, but plan who you want to carry out the job, how long (realistically) it should take, and of course – the all important one – plan for a contingency.

Yep – a Plan B.

I know… I hear you… you don’t need one because it’s your cousin who’s doing the tiling, and a friend of a friend is doing the electrical. Have you ever asked yourself how to find the best tile flooring near me?

Wrong – that’s even more of a reason for your all important Plan B and/or backup emergency funds.

Plan for it all – because the end result will be truly worth it!

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