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Terracotta…The New Grey??

Yes. It’s true. I admit it…I love terracotta. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia of the late 80’s to early 90’s where everyone’s backyard pools were hugged by the humble terracotta tile, or just the fact that it’s one of the first tiles I remember as a child in mum and dad’s tile shop. But it’s a tile that always evokes feelings of warmth and character. Even on these chilly winter mornings we’ve had lately (thanks for that “Artic Winds”).

And the best thing about terracotta I hear you ask? The point of this article? It’s making a comeback! Yay! Could it be that terracotta is the new grey?

Ok, so maybe the Saltillo terracotta’s are still a specialised taste, but more and more we’re seeing emerge from the cracks in our current grey-obsession the inviting, rich and colourful tones of our old friend terracotta. Be it either in its terracotta form, or as a more durable and resilient ceramic or vitrified porcelain tile.

And I for one am excited!

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